Friday, August 22, 2003

First off, let me apologize for not blogging yesterday night. All of the sudden when I got here it was 11:25 and I just didn't have the time nor the energy to post.

But fear not! I am back now, and I bring news of my humble existence...

Yesterday was a BLAST. Evan, Garrett, and Dan were all able to make it (If I haven't said so already, we're the group that gets together every Thursday at my place). We had a blast playing 4-player Halo on our big screen, and especially pitting our talents against a fair number of online opponents. The results were mostly us getting creamed by guys who were actually good (lol). But the couple of matches that we played against each other were VERY fun. There's just nothing like playing one-shot-kill with shotguns in Halo. :D

As a footnote, that evening we went out for Chinese and mom swung me by Circuit City to get the High Definition AV Adapter for my Xbox. I have to say, the high definition video is great, but the 5.1 audio is the biggest reason to get this accessory. I just love being able to hear the battle all around me. ^_^

Today was quite a bit more uneventful. Aside from playing Halo 4 hours straight (a requirement to unlock all the levels), I didn't do much else. At around 7 I had my mom drive me over to the local soccer complex for a very short orientation meeting with the new GSA Referee Commissioner. Luckily he was a guy I already knew and had worked with before, so that was convenient. Other than that, I talked and am talking to various people on AIM and should be going to bed in an hour or so.

I promise I will post tomorrow night*!

*Unless I can't for some reason
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Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Well, after a VERY long period of time, I finally got my motherboard back from the manufacturer. They apparently repaired it completely and it worked perfectly when I popped it back into my system. Everything was here, just as I left it. It was as if I never left...

There is SO much I wish I could update you on, so I'll try to summarize it for you. In the time that I have not been posting here, there have been numorous family gatherings, as well as other goings-on. Last weekend I refereed in a soccer tournament nearby. I made a hefty $70 for my labors, which was a good earning for only 5 games. I have to say, reffing is like riding a bicycle, as many would say; once I stepped onto the sideline for my first game, it all came flooding back. It didn't feel at all like I'd been away for months.

Since posting last, I've gotten on TSS twice. Most recently, it was to ask what the best wireless controller for the Xbox is. Which brings me to my next bit of news: I've got an Xbox! Yes, all those times of Evan coming over and us playing it on our huge screen made me just wanna have one of my own. And boy does it ROCK. I just got Halo today, and I've already played through the first three missions. It is a bit harder without a friend there helping you, but still playable and VERY fun. I can't wait for my two wireless controllers to get here. They are still in the mail, having been shipped monday. I expect them sometime next week, details to follow.

Well, I'll update you some more tomorrow. Right now it's late and I'm pretty tired from running this evening. Goodnight, folks!

Man, it's great to be back...
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