Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Elementary, Dear Beta

Hehe, I'm having fun with these play-on-words titles. Today's is of course a play on "Elementary, Dead Data", the title of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. The substance of the episode doesn't really have much in common with today's events, but I just thought it sounded cool. Yeah, bite me...

Even though I don't usually mention breakfast, I felt I should make an exception for today. In a delicious departure from normal, Sara made scrambled eggs, which we topped with cheese and ate along with cinnamon toast. Now if only we could have a similar arrangement every morning...

In Geometry today it was the final regular lesson of the chapter, wherein I was introduced to the formulas concerning sectors (pie peices) and arcs of circles. It was challenging in some areas, and did take me a good hour and a half to complete this afternoon. For lunch today I had a chopped beef sandwich made with the leftover barbecue from yesterday, and watched the rest of Monday's TSS.

The reason for today's title is that during the morning and early afternoon I was struggling with getting the Windows Longhorn Beta Build 4015 installed on a VMware Virtual Machine. The OS installed easily enough (VMware even has an option to optimize the VM for Longhorn, which it denotes as "experimental"), and soon I was booted into a slightly outdated build (the latest is 4074) of Microsoft's latest child. For some reason the installer didn't automatically install default drivers for all the common hardware, so I had to manually click through about 20 "New Hardware Found" dialog boxes. It also took me a while to figure out how to install VMware Tools (a little program that adds some beneficial functionality to the VM) inside Longhorn.

As far as appearences go, Longhorn is looking mighty fine. The WindowBlinds skin that I'm currently using (see previous blogs) is pretty darn close to the "Plex" look of the Longhorn beta. But aside from the new visual style, the infamous "Sidebar", and some slightly different Windows Explorer features, everything in the beta is pretty close to Windows XP. This was disappointing, as I had seen screenshots of Longhorn's "Aero" user interface which depicted something dramatically different from XP. Apparently the build I got dates from before these "improvements". I'm going to play around with the beta a little bit more and update you if I discover anything new worth mention. In the meantime, this is a great article to check out if you want to learn more about Longhorn.

In the afternoon today I played very decent in Call of Duty, staying above 1:1 in my kill:death ratio throughout the entire session; something I haven't accomplished in a while. And of course, after yesterday Sara was only too eager to match skillz with me again at UT2004 today. Luckily for me (or perhaps, for her...), Mom called us down to have dinner around quarter to 5:00, right as Sara and I were getting started with the first Assault round. We then left at 6:20 for Bible Study in Round Rock, which lasted from 7:00 until a little past 9:00. On the ride home, Dad and I listened helplessly as the Astros lost to the Pirates (who are last in the division currently) 7-2. Eh, hopefully this is just a bump in their road to recovery...

Oh, good news for you LiveJournal users (and pretty much anyone else who's ever wanted to post comments on my blogs), I might be switching over to my LiveJournal account sometime soon. If any of you can find a good resource that explains how to customize LiveJournal using their proprietary system, that would be very useful. Just send it to "captainvalor(at)gmail.com".

Yeah, that's right. I've got Gmail. Try not to cry too hard. ;)

Goodnight, folks!
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