Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Weekend in Summary

Yeah, lazy old me...here it is 10:30 on Sunday night and I haven't posted any blogs about this weekend. I feel I owe it to you to at least provide a summary of the weekend so you don't feel starved for information about my life. Here goes...

Saturday breezed by quickly. During the day I spent a lot of time on the computer, including a fairly decent Call of Duty session, wherein the game gave me another hard lock-up (more on that later). In the evening we went out to eat at Schlotzsky's and picked up a couple of movies. Upon getting home we watched "The Spanish Prisoner", a mystery flick with a bit of horrible acting but a very twisting a deceptive storyline. I enjoyed the film, but would only recommend it to Mystery fans.

Sunday was another story... I spent about two and a half hours from the mid morning through the early afternoon on my hands and knees cleaning the top of the baseboards in the upstairs portion of our house. I am now intimately familiar with every linear foot of caulking in said area. It almost shimmers now...if anyone cares to look, that is. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching baseball. First, Dad and I watched the Astros hang on to 1 run to win over the Rangers and avoid being swept in that series. We then flipped over to game 2 of the College World Series and watched as Texas' 2-0 lead evaporated in the bottom of the 7th inning as Cal State Fullerton rallied to victory of the astonished Horns. It was a true comeback in the fullest (no punn intended) sense of the word. And seeing the Longhorns lose was just so satisfying. In the evening we watched the second of our two movies, "The Truman Show", a great comedy/drama with Jum Carrey that was refreshingly entertaining. The concept of the movie alone is worth watching it for. If you haven't seen it yet, please do. I recommend it to anyone.

Oh, and as for the whole Call of Duty...thing. I did some searching online after the most recent crash and found a very long thread where at least a few people described my exact problem and recommended a solution. It involved changing a single graphics setting in CoD (which didn't affect the look of it noticeably at all) and turned out to be my solution as well. Thank goodness for online forums. The solution also recommended getting the "Omega drivers" for my card. These are apparently aftermarket drivers built on the official release (from ATI or Nvidia) that have been tweaked for greater overclocking and performance potential. I installed the latest version Sunday and I have to say they are very slick. They even include a built-in overclocking control right among the standard ATI settings. If you are serious about gaming performance, give the Omega drivers a spin.

And that is this weekend in a nutshell. It's nice to be caught up on my blogs without having to write too much...

-Goodnight, folks!
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