Saturday, July 03, 2004

Movies, Movies, and More Movies...

I realize I haven't updated my blog in a while. And quite frankly why should I if my sister is the only one reading it? But rather than giving up completely, I've decided to keep it going a little bit longer. Tonight I'm posting reviews of two movies I've seen recently. Enjoy...

Spiderman 2

This past Friday we got the morning paper and were reading through the "Life & Movies" section when we stumbled across some stuff about Spiderman 2. In a sheer wave of impulsiveness, we just up and decided to see it that very day. I payed for the tickets, (which we bought online at Fandango) and at 11:15 we left the house, picking up Ethen on the way out. The showing was at 12:50, and we got to the theater just over an hour early. As you can imagine, we had our pick of every seat in the theater, and naturally chose the best in the house (dead center, just slightly above the middle of the screen). Around 20 minutes till showtime people started pouring in, and by the time the commercials/previews began I think it was full. As far as the previews went, there was nothing special. And thank God, they didn't run the Fanta commercial again...

Spiderman 2's opening credits had me thinking I was watching the original for a moment, at least until the "2" was slapped on. Along with the name of the Director, Producer, and so forth, they rolled a summary of the first movie in comic book form, which was very cool in my opinion. The movie itself didn't really get going until about 20 minutes in, when "Doctor Octavius" does the first presentation of his nuclear fusion machine (Which, oddly, he can only control with the help of some super-sophisticated meniacal-looking robotic arms. Yeah...nothing odd about that...). I won't give away the rest of the story, but basically the experiment goes wrong, Doc's wife dies, and he becomes "Doc Ock"; an evil 8-limbed supervillian with a fetish for throwing people across rooms and sticking his claws into scenes unexpectedly. The movie then weaves (sometimes clumsily) this main action story with a whole side plot about Peter Parker's love life (or lack thereof). Honestly, I think they did it all just an excuse to get the obligatory "screeming damsel" in there somewhere. The movie ends satisfyingly climactic, and of course leaves the story open for the sequel (trilogies seem to be the hot thing nowadays). Unfortunately, the entire movie was blurry and slightly off-center thanks to the Projector Operator taking an extra long lunch break (or something...). I look forward to seeing this movie in our home theater 6 months from now.

In conclusion, I enjoyed Spiderman 2 more than the original. The CGI was realistic enough that you scarcely think about it, and the acting was an improvement on the first film. If you liked the first Spiderman, you'll definitely like this one.

Red Zone Cuba: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Version

Tonight we just got finished watching a particularly agonizing MST3K episode (the movie was agonizing, the commentary was hilarious). "Red Zone Cuba" is a flick from 1965 about some convicts escaping from prison, somehow getting to Cuba and fighting with guerilla warriors in the Bay of Pigs, and then coming back to American and doing some other things before the movie ends. Yeah, really I have no idea what it's about. The movie is absolutely horrible, one of the worst I've ever seen. Only the witty commentary from the MST3K robots (the best in the business) kept the movie watchable. It was a classic MST3K episode and full of laughs at every turn. This show is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

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-Goodnight, Folks!
Um, I check your journal every day, Valor. So Sarah isn't the only one reading it. :-)

Well you've never posted a comment until now, so how am I supposed to know that? :P
Nuh uh, that was my SECOND post! My first was saying "I'm back from my trip, congrats on the new comments system!" :-p
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